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Chipotle Brisket Lettuce Wraps

I made some really tender brisket and then wrapped it up like a taco. It’s pretty much my new favorite dinner. Also, the slow cooker does the hard part for you. You’re welcome. Continue reading

October 12, 2014


PB chipwichesPeanut Butter Chocolate Chipwiches
thai beefThai Beef and Basil
Chocolate PBChocolate Peanut Butter Chipwiches
KaleSautéed Kale. Really Good Sautéed Kale. Really Really Good Sautéed Kale.


roasted pineapple ice cream with bourbon caramel sauceRoasted Pineapple Ice Cream with Bourbon Caramel Sauce
spicy pumpkin soupSpicy Pumpkin Soup
bday cookiesLinzer Cookies
cornerstone cooking spicy lentil saladSpicy Lentil Salad