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Orange Juice

orange juice

Oh hey, I made juice…again.

No, don’t leave! Keep reading. This one’s special.

It’s orange juice! But not like squeeze-a-million-oranges-until-your-hands-are-crippled  orange juice. This is I-took-one-of-every-orange-thing-from-the-produce-section-and-juiced-it orange juice.

pretty produceI’ve made green juice with kale and red juice with beets on this blog before. Delicious, but nothing really new. This time, I got a little crazy and juiced a sweet potato.

Potato juice…isn’t that vodka? Wait, for real, isn’t it? Did I just make vodka? I’m so confused or maybe I’m drunk. I don’t know. I mean school’s back in session and germs are spreading (side note: I don’t even have kids I’m just a super germaphobe), so I’ve been chugging this all week for vitamins but if I just made vodka, that explains why I can’t stop knocking these back.

OJ in a jar

Golden beets, oranges, lemons, ginger, carrots and sweet potato make for a flavorful combo here packed with vitamin C, Vitamin A and Beta-carotene.  So grab a glass and get juicing! Whatever this is…booze? juice? boozy juice? It’s good and it’s good for you. Enjoy!

orange bubbles

Orange Juice (makes 30-32 ounces depending on size of produce)

3 golden beets
1 sweet potato
6-8 carrots
2 lemons
2 oranges
About 1/2 inch nugget of ginger



Peel the oranges and lemons. Wash all other ingredients. Cut the greens off the tops of the beets and chop the beets and sweet potato if necessary to fit in the juicer. Juice according to manufacturer’s directions. Chill and enjoy.



  1. This isn’t vodka. This won’t make you drunk. I was kidding (and I just lost like half my readers).
  2. See this post for helpful juicing tips.
  3. All you’re peeling is the citrus. Everything else is fine to juice with skin.
  4. This juice doesn’t keep as well as the others on this site. It starts to taste “starchy” after 2 days or so. It’s not bad at that point, it just doesn’t taste as good as it did fresh.
  5. Well looky here. We’ve already got red juice, orange juice and green juice
    taste the rainbow
    Now I must complete the rainbow. Stay tuned, it’s happening.
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4 thoughts on “Orange Juice

  1. I always put ginger in my juice. It’s great for digestion, and I love the hit of flavor that ginger give everything.

    I disagree about celery — I love celery in juice!

    Disagree about the foam — that’s my least favorite part of the juice.

    It would be fun to have a juice date — wish we lived close!

    I’ve found anything tastes good together — any combination of fruit/veg. It all combines to make a wonderful tasting juice.

    I’ve read that juice is best drunk that day, so have never made a huge batch and refrigerated, but will try it, since you said it keeps well.

    I love the idea of the “orange juice” and may give that a try! Thanks for the color whell suggestion about creating juices.

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Posted on September 8, 2013

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