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Green Juice: Buy it or Make it?

green juice

Oh, look! More green juice. No, don’t leave. I know I’ve shared plenty of juice on here before but this is my latest concoction and may have taken the lead for all-time favorite.

Plus, I have really important information to share. I’m serious. For once, no sarcasm here, we’re talking money. Serious face.


The other night while grocery shopping, I got a craving for green juice. I went over to the juice section, grabbed a green juice and chugged it. (I realize this is weird. That’s not the point. Just keep reading). I checked out and paid $6.99 for that empty bottle of juice. 16 oz. Gone. It was delicious but I was annoyed with myself because my cart was full of ingredients to juice at home. Apparently I just needed it then. I got home and calculated how much money I had just wasted.


Let me break it down for you:

So, there it is. I’ll have a hard time paying that again now that I’ve done the math.

look at that color!

Here are a few other things that I’ve changed since my last juicing post that you may find helpful:

  1. I got a new juicer. I now use the Breville Juice Fountain. I actually got an Omega masticating juicer but ended up returning it. The shoot was way too small for me. I’m too lazy for all that chopping. The Breville is great. I highly recommend it. No one’s paying me to say that. Just my honest opinion.
  2. I take back what I said about juicing celery. I don’t mind it now, but that’s probably because the ginger and pineapple take over here and I don’t taste it at all.
  3. I’ve been running the kale through first, stopping the juicer and saving the pulp in a ziplock. I use the kale pulp in my eggs. I then turn the juicer back on and finish running everything else through. That pulp goes in the trash because I still don’t know what to do with it.
  4. I no longer core my apples before juicing.

Happy Juicing!

jar juice

Green Juice


1 bunch of curly green kale
2 green apples
2 lemons
2 large english cucumbers
1/4-1/2 a pineapple (I use 1/4 but 1/2 makes it sweeter)
1 celery heart (not one stalk, use an entire heart)
About an inch of ginger

Wash all ingredients, cut rind off lemons and pineapple, cut ingredients to fit in shoot and juice according to manufacturer’s directions.

juice pyramid

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6 thoughts on “Green Juice: Buy it or Make it?

  1. I’ve been using your recipe. Delish. I add the pulp to chicken broth for soup. Simmer for 1/2 hr. then strain. Makes for a nice hot cup of soup.

  2. Your recipe does indeed sound yummy! Here’s an idea I came across for using the leftover pulp – if you have a garden (flower, vegetable, whatever), bury the leftover pulp in the garden and it will be like compost, proving nutrients to the soil. Put a plastic bag (like a grocery bag) in the pulp catcher… saves a little time on clean up too!! Win-win! Happy juicing!

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Posted on February 17, 2014

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