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If you came here looking for some risqué content featuring buff, brawny men and scantily clad women, you’ll be sorely disappointed, as the only thing naked around here is the food. Welcome to Make it Naked where I’ll be sharing with you my love for good food. And that’s it. Just food. Nothing fake here. Real, whole, organic, gluten free food.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Krissy.

I’m not a chef, nor do I have any sort of formal culinary schooling, but I like to be in the kitchen, all 100 sq ft of it. I went to the University of Virginia and somehow came out with a legit engineering degree. I put that to use doing nerdy engineering things during the day (insert: protractors, CAD drawings, and pocket protectors). When asked about pie, I’d tell you how those store bought brands are laden with transfat and other indecipherable ingredients and how easy it is to make your own. Oh, you meant π? Yeah, I have no idea.

Lucky for me, I married someone who might love cooking more than I do. Meet Jon.

He’s the most patient, laid back, easy going person I know. He’s my best friend, personal chef, nightly comedian and daily counselor. He’ll make guest appearances, especially when the grill is involved. He likes meat, bourbon and golf. A simple man with a sense of humor and an unrivaled ability to season a steak. What’s not to love?

So, what exactly am I making naked? A little bit of everything. You’ll see cookies, salads, cakes, cookies, seafood, ice cream, brownies, soup, oh, and cookies. The recipes come from a few of my favorite cookbooks, magazines, websites, and people including Martha, Giada, Bobby Flay, Gina DePalma and Grandma. I may even share a few of my very own kitchen creations (the edible ones). And if you have a special request, pass it along and I’ll try it. I love a challenge.

What you won’t find here is hydrogenated oils, dyes, chemicals or any artificial ingredients. Food is amazing in its natural whole form and that’s what I’ll do here. I’ll leave the engineering to the day job and keep my food naked.

And for the record. π is 3.14…something.


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  1. Krissy,

    What a fantastic visual presentation; I love it! Still have to explore the site more but have found the first impression terrific!

    love lots,


  2. This is a great idea. Great job! Oh, and I think the next few numbers you are looking for in pi is 59…(3.1459), sorry that’s all I got.

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  5. Yesterday your wonderful mother-in-law, Marianne sat with me at the hospital while my daughter (her neighbor) was having surgery. She told me about your website and I had to check it out. I really enjoy it. Your belief in natural convinced me to try some of your recipes. Keep up the good work. We love Marianne!

    • Thanks Sue! Let me know what you try and what you think of it! Hope all is well with your daughter and that the New Year brings you much health and happiness!

  6. I found your blog through Daily Garnish and you look very familiar to me. Are you originally from the DC area? Specifically Rockville/Bethesda?

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  9. Hey fellow food fan. I came across your site when browsing through my daily Serious Eats. I am a coconut, caramel AND brownie fan; I can’t wait to try your recipe. Like you, I am inspired by many family and food writer recipes. I have my own new blog called Lucy’s Leftovers where I am trying to put down some recipes for posterity. I also have a handsome husband who likes to cook. Cheers from the snowy north! Cathy from Edmonton, Alberta

    • Awesome! Good luck with the blog. It’s so fun to document it all. I’ve been making some of these recipes for so long it’s nice to have them written (legibly) someplace! Enjoy your snow – it looks really pretty with a side of those brownies!

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  17. Just found you blog and I love it! About to spend the rest of the day looking through all of your old posts (sort of kidding!)…..I am a teenage blogger but I realized we both live in Vorthern VA! Fun!

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  31. Hey Krissy,

    My name is Nick. I used to work with your hubby at the golf course a few years back. I just found out you have a blog that includes GF recipes. It just so happens I too have a blog that is a GF reviews and recipes page (although I will never be able to do what you do). I’d love it if you would take a look sometime and maybe let me review one or 2 of your recipes.

    Keep up the great work!

  32. Have you considered publishing your own cookbook? I seriously think with your well-taken photos, style of writing and personal voice, you have a winner of a book. If you already have, let me know where to get a copy.

  33. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Christmas cookies simply delicious. Any plans for Easter cookies or better yet Superbowl Cookies, what am I thinking how about January 12th cookies!

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  36. Hi Krissy,
    I just learned about your blog from your Mother-in-law Anne Mason. My husband, Charles, is her first cousin. We has a nice lunch with her. I love to cook and love to try new recipes so I am looking forward to your site.

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  42. My name is Tinsley, I’m the foodie contributor for First, I want to thank you for being an awesome Virginia Blogger! Your blog is beautifully put together.

    As you know, we love to “spotlight” Virginia bloggers on our website. I was reading through your post and you have some amazing recipes. We would love to feature one on this summer as a guest post.

    If you are interested, please pick one of your favorite summer time recipes for submission. You can send the content and photo’s or a link to me and I will set up the post.

    Looking forward to see what recipe you select!

    Have a great week.

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  47. Hi Krissy! I am Heather’s mom and Jaime’s MIL and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the cake you made for their wedding was. When I crave something sweet, I find myself wishing for another piece of that cake. I loved the cinnamon in the chocolate. Thank you so much for being a part of their special day. BTW…I love your blog and sense of humor…oh yeah… and recipes! Continued success….Libby

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  50. Krissy,
    I am a big fan of your Grandma’s Meatballs. They are by far the best I’ve ever had !!! Does Jon help out doing the dishes?!?!?!
    Keep “Bringing it” !!!

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